weekly bouquet shares

Want to enjoy fresh, local blooms for an entire season? You can have fresh flowers delivered all season long by joining our Flower Farm CSA. In becoming part of the Community Supported Agriculture program, you help us to invest in the coming season, and we give you a personal share of the flowers growing here at Cana Farms.

Each week we will design a bouquet full of seasonal bounty using flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow on our property. We harvest the freshest flowers from the field, all different colors and varieties, to provide a different design to brighten up your home or business every week. These market-style bouquets will be bundled and wrapped, ready for you to take home, snip the ends, and place in the vase or vessel of your choosing.  These fresh and local blooms will arrive from our flower field directly to the pick up location of your choice— a subscription makes a lovely gift, too!

Planning to be out of town during the season?  No worries. You can share your flowers with a friend...just have her pick up the bouquet that week. 

Your CSA membership will help us to maintain our small, family owned and run farm.  In turn, we will be able to provide you with more seasonal bouquets! Last year’s CSA funds provided for additional seeds and plants, the cultivation of additional planting beds, and the expansion of the farm's heirloom perennial gardens. As a token of our appreciation for those of you who make this investment in our farm, we offer CSA members a discount on all other orders during 2018, including custom designs and a la carte bouquets.



Beginning with our large crop of exceptional tulips and ending with our many colorful varieties of dahlias and heirloom mums (and all the beauties in between), we offer the following options:

Half Share – $120: 8 weeks – mid-July to mid-September OR– mid-August through mid-October                                                    Three-Quarters Share - $175: 12 weeks - starting in July
Full Share – $225: 16 weeks – the season begins with 2 deliveries of our charming tulips in March and April.  Then weekly deliveries commence in July, and continue through mid-October.  The season will wrap up with 2 deliveries of stunning heirloom mums in late October/November.          

Bucket Share - available for restaurants, businesses or anyone who likes to arrange his or her own flowers.  Pricing depends of number of weeks chosen.  Contact for details.  




Pick Up Locations

Winston- Salem: Southern Home & Kitchen, Thruway Shopping Center, 200 S. Stratford Road, 10 - 6,  Tuesdays

Salisbury: The Lettered Lily, East Fisher Street (downtown) 10 am - 5 pm, Fridays

Mocksville: TBD, Tuesdays


Order by emailing us at blooms (at) canafarms (dot) com